What Anglican Supporters Are Saying...


"I am part of the Anglican Church, and the Anglican Appeal [now called Giving with Grace] has been helping so many worthy programs.The church means so much to me, and I would like to give back something in return."  


"There is a need to carry on God’s work. I like to support all the programs that the Anglican Appeal [now called Giving with Grace] is supporting. I do not want to see a program dropped simply because there is no money. Every program in some way or another helps many people to change their lives for the better..."  


"We have been involved in the Anglican Church all our lives. We help the Anglican Appeal because of its mission. The Anglican Appeal [now called Giving with Grace] not only helps the General Synod programs, but it also helps to assist our local diocese and churches in the North. Everything is being looked after." 

 "…it gives me a sense of connectedness to the people of the wider Anglican Communion, not only in Canada but in other parts of the world."


"I have always believed in supporting the whole church, especially ministry in the Council of the North. When one part of our church suffers we are all the poorer, so I consider it a privilege to support clergy and people who so faithfully serve in remote and sparsely populated areas." 

"I love to see youth connecting across denominations to strengthen water justice, social justice, and to show God’s love active in our country and across the world. Young Anglicans and Lutherans, we commend you!"


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