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When you support the ministries of The Anglican Church of Canada through Giving with Grace, you extend the reach of our church to answer God’s call to mission across Canada and abroad.

Your Generosity Supports

Bishop Ordinary      

Bishop Ordinary to the Canadian Armed Forces

  • Provides critical liturgical and pastoral ministry to the  men and women who have pledged their lives to the defence of Canada
  • Visits chaplains and troops in garrison, in their homes and in the field

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 Bishop Hawkins      

Council of the North

  • Provides pastoral care to thousands in the remote areas of our country
  • Shares the knowledge and love of God with people living in the North
  • Provides theological education for northern leaders

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 Youth Initiatives      


Faith, Worship, and Ministry

  • Promotes ecumenical dialogue with other churches
  • Creates educational tools to guide strong, loving, and wise liturgical leadership in communities
  • Empowers youth leaders to deliver quality programming and youth outreach in all parts of the country
  • Helps our leaders from coast-to-coast get the training, education, and support they need to inspire a sense of purpose and faith in other young people across Canada

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 GBR Jerusalem      


Global Relations

  • Supports young international Anglican theologians and theological educators to strengthen academic research 
  • Strengthens Christian witness among young Cubans seeking spiritual growth in the community
  • Helps women and children living in the Solomon Islands to escape domestic violence and find medical care and counselling

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Indigenous Ministries

  • Strives for reconciliation
  • Advocates for the creation of a self-determining community for Indigenous Anglicans
  • Helps create community-based suicide prevention strategies
  • Provides catechist training that equips leaders with the basics about the Christian faith so they can teach others and strengthen faith locally

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 Help End Homlessness      

Public Witness for Social and Ecological Justice

  • Provides training and education resources in reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples across Canada
  • Works to ensure that human dignity, right relations between God, people, and the Earth are respected

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